Wyndham Worldwide is focused on sustainability education for both associates and guests. The Company has implemented training and education programs for our more than 30,000 associates globally as well as for our external stakeholders. We have implemented sustainability training in 10 languages, through e-newsletters, on-site regional updates, webinars, and at global conferences, to share the benefits of sustainability and mitigating climate change.


Employee Engagement

Our online learning module, Introduction to Sustainability, provides the basics of sustainability and outlines proven business practices implemented across Wyndham Worldwide. In 2015 WHG and WVO rolled out a new training program, called Achieving Everyday Sustainability, which is job or function specific, allowing associates to choose the course modules that are applicable to their role. Additionally, associates gain awareness and insight to sustainability best practices during the celebration of key dates throughout the year including, Earth Hour, Earth Day, Arbor Day, and Wyndham Worldwide Green Day.


Guest Awareness

We have developed many guest sustainability programs, such as the Wyndham Green Kids program, which teaches children about caring for the environment, community and world using games and activities that are both fun and educational. Wyndham Green has partnered with the Arbor Day Foundation to bring awareness to children about the planet and the importance of sustainability.


Internal Recognition

We have developed certification and award-recognition programs to incentivize our stakeholders to implement investment in energy efficiency and low-carbon activities, enabling sites to implement low- to no-cost initiatives and successfully realize ongoing operational savings. For example, our Wyndham Vacation Ownership business unit rolled out a green certification program for over 160 facilities. Our Wyndham Hotel Group has awarded green hotels at conferences and we have a Green Franchisee Advisory Board that has been recognized for their sustainable practices and accomplishments.